Community Administrator Message

Season went a bit too fast for me! If you are leaving this month, please stop by and say “see ya later,” And drop off any nonperishable items in the food donation box in the foyer. Please have a safe and healthy summer and keep in touch, it gets lonely here in the summer months!

Transponders will be available at the clubhouse on Mondays at 3:00pm from now until January of 2020.

See something that needs to be fixed or attended to around the clubhouse, and/or Master Board Grounds, please come to the clubhouse or download a work order form from our website. If you come to the clubhouse, the forms are located in the left-hand drawer of the table in the foyer. Please fill out the form and hand it to the office staff, if the office is closed, please place it under the door.  

There are Volunteer Opportunities to help during the off season. If you like to grill, cook, serve, clean/organize, and/or do office work; please call the office 239-466-7727.


Please remember to call the Welcome Center when you have anyone, visitors and/or service people, coming to see you. Please leave their name or company name with the Access Control Personnel. Or add their name to your account on  

PLEASE make sure your guests are supervised in the clubhouse.