Recreation Director Message

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Another wonderful season has come to an end and we have to say goodbye to our “Snow Birds” and some of our seasonal residents. Please have a fun, safe and healthy summer and come back to your home away from home soon. 

Keep in touch via Facebook page; there will be a challenge for you on Facebook starting in June. Don’t know what to do with those unopened nonperishable food items? We have a basket in the foyer for such items, these go either to the beach food kitchen or the soup kitchen downtown, and we thank you for helping.

We are planning a Car Show for next season, so if you have a car you would like to show, bring it down with you next season so we can all enjoy it too! I will give more information on the Car Show as the summer progresses. Look for it in “Future Planning” section of the paper.  

Please also remember that our deadlines are just that, deadlines! Please do not put the office staff or myself in that awkward position of asking us to bend the deadline rules. And may I remind that your office staff are ALL VOLUNTEERS, and your neighbors, please be patient with them. A helpful hint: please wait outside of the office if there are already two people being helped. This makes it easier for the volunteers to concentrate on the task at hand.

See something that needs to be fixed or attended to around the clubhouse, and/or Master Board Grounds, please come to the clubhouse or download a work order form from our website. If you come to the clubhouse, the forms are located in the left hand drawer of the table in the foyer. Please fill out the form and hand it to the office staff, if the office is closed, please place it under the door. 

At the end of each event described in the paper, there are Volunteer Opportunities to help. If you would like to help, please call the office 239-466-7727 and let them know which event and what you want to help with and what you would like to do.


Please remember to call the Welcome Center when you have anyone, visitors and/or service people, coming to see you. Please leave their name or company name with the Access Control Personnel. Or add their name to your account on  

PLEASE make sure your guests are supervised in the clubhouse.