Recreation Office Message

Cali Photo

Hello Cinnamon Cove Residents! 

My name is Cali Dorward and I am excited to have the opportunity to be the new Recreation and Social Activities Director here at the beautiful Cinnamon Cove! I have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful residents so far, but I look forward to meeting even more of you. The Recreation Office has been quiet, which has allowed me to dive deep into file folders and learn the ropes before we ramp up for season. 

Obviously, we are all aware that our world is a little different right now, but I promise that we are trying to figure out ways to bring community and fun, while maintaining a level of safety and precaution for all. 

As this point, we do have some great events planned through the rest of 2020. As we head into 2021, we have a very busy schedule, but all events are subject to change. We are learning to be fluid and flexible in this season as we embark into the new normal. Let us get ready to have some fun and I cannot wait to see you soon!