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There are a number of opportunities for continued learning in and around Cinnamon Cove. The Computer Club meets regularly, providing one hour presentations on various computer related issues. These are supplemented by presentations on photography and geneology as well. Our recreation department provides various lectures by professionals providing information on an array of topics including the AARP Driving Course, financial and investment courses, fashion, design and artistic programs and energy conservation to name just a few.

For those interested in continuing and adult education, Florida South Western State College is just a short drive away and offers two and four year degree courses as well as continuing education and certificate courses. They even offer courses "online" so you don't have to leave your home to take a course. More information is available at the Edison College link below.

The Lee County School system offers a wide variety of adult education courses at various high schools throughout the county. One of these is Cypress High School which is very close-by Cinnamon Cove. The link below provides further information.