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Compute Club 2014-2015

This year the Computer Club will extend its offerings to include regular meetings and an iPad class.  Some of the iPad sessions will take place during the regular Computer Club meetings; others will happen on a Thursday morning from 11:00 – 12:15pm.  Below are the iPad class and the Computer club meeting dates. 

                                            iPad Class



     Sat Jan 17

Part 1(a): Tips and Tricks for setting

  • Wifi / Bluetooth        • Control Center
  • Sounds                    • Add web page icon
  • Notification               •Lock screen
  • Organization            •iCloud
  • Privacy

Thurs Jan 22

Part 1(b): Tips and Tricks for setting (continued - see topics 1(a) above)

      Sat Feb 7

Part 2(a): Taking the Leap Online

  • Internet                     •Email
  • FaceTime                 •Skype
  • Favorite websites

Thurs Feb 12

Part 2(b): Taking the Leap Online (continued - see topics 2(a) above)

      Sat Mar 7

Part 3(a): Having fun with the iPad

  • iTunes Store             •Apps / Games
  • Music                         Photos
  • Maps

Thurs Mar 12

Part 3(b): Having fun with the iPad (continued - see topics 3(a) above)

Thurs April 2

Part 4(a): Managing Life with the iPad

  • Calendar                   •Clock
  • Reminders                •Siri
  • Making Notes           •eReading
  • Back up

Thurs April 16

Part 4(b): Managing Life with the iPad (continued - see topics 4(a) above)