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Calendar / Planning Ahead

No pre-registration for March events

Due to the clubhouse being closed, there will be no clubs, cards, or association meetings in the clubhouse at this point.  For association meeting locations, please contact your association representativeContinue to check the website for the most up-to-date information.

ZOOM Meetings

Planning Ahead

At this point, these are the events that we have planned thus far, but these are subject to change based on the climate of our world.
We will continue to keep you posted about these events and if the need to cancel arises


  5th Ice Cream Social

10th Food truck Wednesday 

16th Shelling & Beachcombing Virtual Lecture 

19th Ice Cream Social

24th Cinnamon Cove Revue


 2nd Ice Cream Social

 7th Food Truck Wednesday

16th Ice Cream Social
30th Ice Cream Social


12th Food Truck Wednesday

14th Ice Cream Social

28th Ice Cream Social



11th Ice Cream Social

16th Summer Dinner

25th Ice Cream Social


 2nd Ice Cream Social

16th Ice Cream Social

21st Summer Dinner