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October 2016 Board meeting Update

posted Oct 22, 2016, 6:05 PM by Micheline LeBlanc   [ updated Oct 22, 2016, 6:06 PM ]

Hello Cinnamon Cove Friends,

This is a rather lengthy note…please bear with me….

            The first Master Board meeting of the season was held this past Monday.  One member was not present due to an emergency and four members were on the phone.  Thanks to them for calling in.  Our friend and fellow board member, Ben DeFonzo, died this past October 7 in New Jersey.  His death leaves a great void in Cinnamon Cove.  He was involved in so many elements of our community.  

            We covered several topics of interest to the community:


·         Over 200 transponders have been installed thus far.  Nine dates remain for this purpose.  Please check the web site to find the scheduled times.  Dates are also posted around the clubhouse.  For your info, here are the dates and times for the last two months of 2016….Thursday, November 17   2-4 PM     Wednesday, December 7   10-12

·         It is IMPERATIVE for you to pre-register your vehicle(s) prior to the date you wish to have your transponder installed.  

·         How can you do this?  You received a form in June with your resident information on it and a registration number.  This is the number you use to confirm your registration process.  You must go to https://community.dwellinglive.com to complete the form and the process.  If you preregistered with our old system…Capsure, then all your info is there.  

·         Now, let’s suppose you don’t have your form…you misplaced it or thought it not essential.  Then call Island Management and ask someone there to give you the number.  That contact phone number is 239-454-3525.

·         But there are a couple of alternatives to this if you are uncomfortable with this process.  

o   Your master board representative will be contacting you with an offer to assist you in this process.  Of course, you must be physically present in Cinnamon Cove for this.

o   Mickie LeBlanc and Cherryl Daugherty are offering to help any resident through this process.  If you have your form, great.  If you don’t, they can get your registration number for you.  They will be available every Tuesday from 2-4 PM in the clubhouse.  This is a terrific service they are offering.  So, if you are unsure or uncomfortable about this, please see Mickie or Cherryl or your board representative.  

·         You will also need to fill out a Vehicle Transponder Data Form.  It’s simple…straightforward.  Get one at the clubhouse or go to www.cinnamoncove.com and open the Resource Center window and look for the form.  There ya go.  

·         Some questions have arisen about specific/personal situations regarding the transponders.  Each is being reviewed as they arise.  Not all situations could be anticipated at the beginning of this.  Please have patience and understanding for and with the process.

A few more notes from the meeting:

·         Board approved the mailing of the proposed budget to the residents/owners.  You should receive this mailing in a few days.

·         Landscape group presented a proposal to the board regarding new/upgraded/enhanced landscaping at the entrance to the clubhouse.  This is on both sides of the entrance portico and the fountain area.  After a summer of planning, design and shopping for plants and materials, the group felt it was ready for this presentation.  It was well received by the board.  No vote was taken in that the group has some more final details to iron out.  That is expected soon.  

·         President’s report….

o   Paving of the clubhouse parking lot and CC Boulevard…issues here raised by some residents.  Had a professional inspector look at the completed job and make recommendations.  Future meeting with the contractor to resolve these.

o   Bay Leaf pool pavers.  Job completed over the summer.  First of the four pools to get this project completed.  

o   Tennis and pickleball groups met in the spring to draft a schedule for play on our limited court area.  

o   Revised documents have been drafted by the attorney and returned to the advisory group for final check and changes needed.  This had been a long process…one the group has dedicated many hours to.  If all goes well, these documents should be ready for member approval in the early winter.  

o   A new light has been installed at the intersection of CC Boulevard and San Carlos.  This was a very dark intersection.  This light helps alleviate some of that.  Of course, we are still responsible to stop upon leaving The Cove to check for walkers or bikers at that intersection. 

·         Not mentioned at the meeting, but an important note of caution to all residents.  A couple of home break-ins have occurred of late.  These took place on Corriander and are a cause of great concern.  As much as we would like to think we are secure because of our fences and gates, determined individuals can still get in.  It is vital that you secure your property and report any suspicious activity to the Lee County Sheriff.

Three notes for the Recreation Office:

·         The time for Adopt-A-Family is drawing near.  If you or someone you know is getting rid of beds, this is the time to contact Jeanne.  Please do not drop off anything in the clubhouse without first checking with Jeanne.  

·         October TestFREE…Next Wednesday, October 26 from 4 to 9 PM.  Come sample some local beer from Old Soul Brewing Company and wine from Direct Cellars.  A food vendor will be on site for your dining selections. (This is not free) Please let the office know if you want to attend.

·         Note from the Exercise Room…everyone must sign-up to use the room…no exceptions.  Absentee owners, you are asked to please let those who rent your unit know that they must stop by the office to sign-up for this.   

As you travel toward Cinnamon Cove, please do so safely.  See you soon.

Tony Medley

Master Board