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October 2017 Update

posted Oct 21, 2017, 12:14 PM by Micheline LeBlanc   [ updated Oct 21, 2017, 12:14 PM ]

Hello Master Board Friends,

     We had a good and well attended first meeting of the season this past Monday.  Twelve board members were either physically present or on the phone to ensure a quorum, so the meeting could progress.  And it appeared about 85 to 100 folks were in attendance. 

     The number one item on the agenda was to get the proposed budget into the hands of the board members.  This will be voted on in November and sent to all owners/members in the near future.

     The final section of the new and revised documents is the adoption of the Rules and Regulations.  In the end, the master board will vote on this final document.  But, it is important for all of us to have input on this.  Currently, all board members have copies and are studying it in order to correct/delete/add to the wording in order to bring it up to date.  This is where you come in.  The board needs for you to look at this as well, and to be willing to discuss it so we can come to the best, final result we can adopt.  I will post to you via email, or by copies in the main office these Rules and Regulations so you can read and then offer thoughts.  At some point, the documents committee will have informal gatherings to hear your thoughts on these.  (More to follow on this for sure.)

    Items on the agenda:

    In the President’s Report a couple of items of note….

·         Shuffleboard courts…roof cover posts in poor condition (possible solutions?)  Michael Waunsch is in the process of having this looked at by professionals.

·         Looking at a drop-down bar at front entrance to impede piggy-backers from entering. 

·         Mentioned that the Facebook page, Cinnamon Cove Clubhouse, was a very effective tool during and after Hurricane Irma keeping all page users well informed.  Many residents expressed their gratitude for this and to those who posted regularly.

                           Recreation Director’s Report

·         A proposal has been made regarding “Neighbors helping Neighbors.”  After a couple of scary moments this past summer and fall regarding folks who live alone, a resident came up with a plan to ensure those who live alone are looked after and checked on regularly.  More info will be forthcoming on this plan. 

·         Know someone in The Cove who could use a “pick me up” or a get well card?  There is a request box at the bulletin board near the restrooms
New Business:

·         Sun covers at tennis/pickleball courts are in very poor condition.  Last spring bids were sought for new, permanent covers.  The board will look at these and determine if this is a feasible solution

·         Thanks to Michael Waunsch, a current Hurricane Preparation Checklist was formulated and enacted prior to Irma.  Now, more needs to be added to ensure all facets of this are in place.  If you would like to be a contributor to this process, keep an eye out and a notification will be sent for a gathering to share ideas. 

·         Help….the pool/bocce chairs and tables are in serious need of cleaning.  Several good hands…cleaning that is…will get the job done.  Some of you have already volunteered.  I’ll let you know when that date and we can spend a couple of hours gettin’ it done.  I know how this works…if you are asked face to face, you will say yes, but I can’t see all of you face to face, so consider this a request for help…face to face.  Thanks.

·         So…here it is, after discussion with Greg Cummings…next Saturday, October 28 at 10 am.  Bring a bucket, soft scrub brush and some rags.  This is a great way to further build community and get to know some more neighbors.  See you then on the pool deck. 

Old Business:

·         Our maintenance person, Michael Waunsch, has been very busy this spring and summer.  He submitted a list of at least 75 jobs/projects he worked on and completed since he came on board.  Some of these are highly visible like ceiling fans at the satellite pools or painting the satellite pool houses, or lights in the stairways up to the library and others that are not so evident, but are completed just the same.  It’s good to have a person who is on top of maintenance issues and who is looking out for the welfare of CC.

More and more neighbors are arriving daily.  If you are departing soon, be sure to travel safely.


Tony Medley

Master Board