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November 2017 Update

posted Nov 14, 2017, 3:56 PM by Micheline LeBlanc

Hello Cinnamon Cove Friends,

            Monday’s Master Board meeting covered a variety of topics, discussed/voted on and not voted on.  About 80 residents attended. 


·         Landscaping…the new crew is getting adjusted to the property and is working with the landscaping committee to further enhance our property.

·         After two residents expressed concern regarding aqua classes and what constitutes being able to conduct a sanctioned (by the board) class, it was restated that (and this was voted on in the October 2017 board meeting), “The Master Board insurance company covers residents who volunteer for programs approved by the Master Board.  The Master Board has determined any organized exercise activities must have a certified instructor due to the potential risk of injury and for safety.”

·         Because the hurricane preparation for Irma was quite successful, we would like to see this preparation list expanded to cover all areas of The Cove to protect our residents and property.  Therefore, a Hurricane Prep brainstorming session is set for Friday, November 17 at 1 pm in the pavilion.  Please plan to attend with your thoughts in mind.

·         Don’t forget to contact Ray Heuring at 315-753-2058 to get your tickets for the Twins/Blue Jays game set for Friday, March 2.

·         Recreation Director, Jeanne Hopkins, reports we have adopted two families for our annual giving.  She also reminded us of the Holiday Program that will take place on Thursday, December 14 at 2 pm.  Cost of admission…1 canned good.  It’s free, but please let the office know if you are coming.  It’s not too late to join the chorus.  Practice…Tuesdays at 3 pm. 

·         As for maintenance….contract has been accepted to erect the downed light pole at the shuffleboard courts.  The roof and soffits at the clubhouse will soon be repaired of the hurricane damage.  Michael continues to stay on top of his daily duties and is continually in the process of finding, repairing, fixing and making good.  As he reported, one of his goals is to get all areas compliant with codes and standards of the county and state. 

New Business...

·         The board discussed and ultimately rejected the idea of another level of entry security with a “drop down bar.”   It was determined that we have very few security breaches to warrant this expense. 

·         The two back gates have been inoperable for the past few weeks because the motors are completely worn out.  Thus, two new motors were ordered and are scheduled to be installed this week.

·         And, along the same lines, the board voted to enter a maintenance contract with MLR gate company for quarterly inspections on the gates to keep them in good working order.

Old Business

·         The Annual Budget was approved and will be in the mail to you in the next couple of days. 

·         Nancy Monahan is heading up a small group to advise on purchasing new pool furniture.  The process will involve deciding on a style and then determining how many pieces need to be replaced and then get on a long-range schedule to do that. 

·         Before the meeting began Elena DeFonzo proposed replacing one of the bubblers in the main lake with a fountain.  She thinks this would add a very pleasing aspect to the clubhouse area.  Amanda Williams, CAM, is advising Elena on the cost of this.  More to follow.

·         On the topic of Sun Covers for the courts….no money has been budgeted for the courts area for several years for this replacement.  Therefore, currently, there just isn’t any money for that project.  It’s going to be up to maintenance to do a repair job on the now-existing structure. 

·         The last leg in the adoption of new documents is now underway.  The Rules and Regulations are in review process and will be, if all goes well, voted on and approved in the next two months.  This has been one of our goals since day one…to have all new rewritten and adopted documents.  More to follow. 

One last thing….

After four years at the helm of the board, four officers have decided it’s time to move on and give new board members, along with the existing board, a chance to bring fresh and new ideas to Cinnamon Cove.  With that, Marvin Berk, Vice-President; Mike Richard, Treasurer; Carolyn Kern, Member-At-Large, along with me will end our term at the Annual Meeting in February. 

If you have thought about being on the board, now is the time to step up.  Forms will be in the mail shortly.   

            Sure hope you have a special Thanksgiving wherever you are.  Travel safely.


Tony Medley

Master Board