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November 2016 Board Meeting Update

posted Nov 22, 2016, 5:30 PM by Micheline LeBlanc

Hello Cinnamon Cove Friends,

            A few notes from Monday’s meeting which was attended by about 75 residents.

            First...if you had your transponder installed last Thursday, it is not functioning at the back gate.  There is an issue with the internet connection.  It is working at the front gate.  If you had your transponder installed prior to that date, you should be working fine.  The front gate is up and running.  Century Link is working on it, or they are supposed to be.

            Speaking of transponders…well over 100 folks had theirs installed last Thursday.  Again, thanks go out to the volunteers who make this process run smoothly.  Don’t forget, Mickie and Cherryl are in the clubhouse on Tuesday from 2 to 4 to get you and your car registered so the process will go smoothly.  Take advantage of this service these ladies are providing.  Thanks much to them.

            As in the past, the clubhouse will be decorated for the holidays.  Because of this effort, our facility is always bright and full of seasonal cheer.  However, it doesn’t get this way without help.  Carolyn and John Kern head up this effort and need help.  Please consider giving some time this coming Saturdaystarting at 10 am.  Carolyn could also use a few folks on Fridayto bring all the boxes and other items into the clubhouse.  Please give her a call at 415-7864 so she can plan on the number of folks who will be helping.  Truly, many hands make light work in this effort.  

            Thank you goes out to Dick Schoneker for stepping up to come on the board from his association.  

            Some other items of interest discussed or noted at the meeting:

                        Bocce courts have been dressed and resurfaced

                        Pool house will get two new doors and new exhaust fans 

                        Satellite pools will get two ceiling fans with lights replacing old light fixtures

                        Coconut palms are slated to be trimmed in the near future

                        Alligator warning signs now posted around the lakes

                        Clubhouse front entrance landscaping projects will begin as soon as   

              irrigation issues are resolved

                        The Master Association Documents are in the final stages of revision.  Paul  

              Ripchik and his group have spent many hours in this process.  Now, it’s  

               back to the lawyer for the final version.  After that, you will have an  

               opportunity to look at it and make any comments you may have.  You  

               will be notified of the timeline.

            One last thing…it’s very important for you to keep your current address up to date with the Master Association.  When mailings go out, it’s important for you to receive your mail in a timely manner.  PLEASE contact Island Management at 239-454-3525 to update your current address.  So, when you travel south to Cinnamon Cove, call to change your address and when you head north, do the same thing.  This also holds true for your neighborhood association. 

            You will be receiving the newly revised documents soon.  So please update your mailing address.  

            Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  May you celebrate many blessings and give thanks for the gifts you have received in your life.  


Tony Medley

Master Board