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November 2015 Update

posted Nov 12, 2015, 2:30 PM by Micheline LeBlanc

Hello Cinnamon Cove Friends,


Greetings to all with hopes that you are doing well and, if not here already, at least you are planning your trip south to enjoy some unusually warm, if not downright hot, weather. 

A reminder…Monday, November 23 at 10 am, the Master Board will meet to discuss and vote on adoption of the 2016 budget.  Following that meeting a general Master Board meeting will be held to discuss various items.  Keep an eye out on the bulletin boards to view the agenda for these meetings. 

Some items of interest:

·           New company at front gate…Securitas came on board October 1.  Many positive comments regarding the personnel have been shared.  The official title for those who are at the gate is Control Access Personnel.  Technically they are not security officers, so we can’t call them security.  They lend assistance in that if security or an issue needs addressing, they are directed to call the Sheriff’s Office. 

·           More on control access will be forthcoming as the season progresses.  With that, you should have received a simple form requesting the names of regular visitors.  This is part of the new program that will help with access.  Currently all those names are being loaded into a program that will make access smoother and easier once implemented. 

·           For the time being, you will continue to use your gate clicker to access CC gates as well as those at Kelly Greens.  There is no current timeline for using any other means to enter the gates.  You will be informed when all that process is set to begin.  It will be awhile. 

·           Some of us (me included) who have autos with programmable access buttons are having issues with access at the gates.  We have had the company look at this.  Two suggestions…carry your old clicker or reprogram your car.  I know it’s a hassle. 

·           A major landscaping project has been completed on the lake side of the main pool…new sod and new plantings.  Thanks to Mary Jane Corning, Nancy Monahan and Bobbi Watkins for their diligence.  These ladies have been the driving force in seeing this project completed, and they continue to monitor it daily.  Speaking of which…they could use some help.  Getting sod and plants established takes water.  Currently a small number of folks are doing this, but a few more are needed so as not to overburden those who are doing it.  This chore requires about 30 minutes.  If you would like to help with this, please call Mary Jane Corning at 481-0954.  The irrigation company is looking into fixing this issue with the current system.  When installed the system seemed to be enough, but that’s not the case today.  That’s why all new was needed in this area.

·           You may have heard…Wal-Mart opened just recently in the Old Summerlin Square Center.  Traffic is expected to increase as a result as if it doesn’t anyway during season.   

Some items of concern:

·           It has been my observation that speeding in our 15 MPH community has gotten worse.  I thought about making a list of the cars I have seen, because it seems to be the same folks.  I know not everyone is on this email list, but those of you who are, and if you observe you are an offender, please take note and slow down.  Also, STOP signs are there for a reason.  I just hope the Sheriff doesn’t have to be called because we have a serious accident on our streets.

·           The dumpster and the recycle bins at the clubhouse are not for general use…only for events at the clubhouse.  If you are in the Villas or Condos, use your own dumpster.  Homes have separate containers for trash and recycling…use your own. 

·           If you are coming to the clubhouse to access the wi-fi, please go to the upper level.  This is especially true when events are going on in the clubhouse. 

·           If you are renting your unit, it is your responsibility to inform your renters as to the rules of your association as well as the rules of The Master Association.  This includes the items mentioned here as well as other rules and regulations of our community. 

If you notice anything that needs attention, please call Liz Leden at Island Management.  Her number is 239-454-3525 ext.113.


Look forward to seeing you soon and safe travels,


Tony Medley

Master Board