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November 2015 Meeting Notes

posted Nov 27, 2015, 12:04 PM by Micheline LeBlanc

Hello Cinnamon Cove Friends,


About 75 folks attended Monday’s Master Board Meeting with 10 of the 14 members attending as well. 

The 2016 Budget was approved in the first session with all board members voting yes.

At the General Master Board Meeting, several topics were covered:

Treasurer’s Report

·           Mike Richard reported currently operating at 7% below budget and he expected to be under budget at year’s end.

Recreation Director’s Report

·           Jeanne Hopkins said most of December’s events take place in the first two weeks with the Adopt-A-Family being the primary focus. 

·           The Holiday Program is December 17 at 2 pm

President’s Report

·           Shuffleboard and Bocce courts set for seasonal redressing

·           New furniture at Bocce courts

·           Speeding and disregarding stop signs still a problem—no solution.  Each board member is urged to bring this problem to his/her association meeting and encourage all residents to adhere to the posted speed limit.

·           Along the same lines, when walking on our streets, please walk FACING traffic.  This is for the safety of the walker as well as the driver.

Old Business

·           Mary Jane Corning and Bobbi Watkins spoke about the new landscaping company and on-going projects

·           New Access Control Personnel were discussed.  It was noted that the folks greeting resident and visitors were to be called Control Access Personnel.  It was later discovered that that name was incorrect.  So, the name is to be Access Control Personnel.  After all the talk about it at the meeting, now I have to back track.  Oh well…that’s what I get for jumping the gun.  (I sure hope we are settled on this now)

·           New signs, Stop and Speed Limit will be going up in the future. 

·           Signs at the pools and clubhouse need updating and brought up to state codes.  All signs will be the new CC style.  All associations are encouraged to comply with this style as well.

·           Paul Ripchik commented on the process of updating the master documents.  It’s quite a project, but he and his team are making headway.

New Business

·           More discussion on new signs

·           Pavers at satellite pools to  be cleaned at Bay Leaf

·           Paul Ripchik reported on the status of the lakes.  There is concern about invasive weeds growing.  The company contracted to take care of this is on it.

Some More

·           FIRE…that’s what was heard at the clubhouse Tuesday afternoon.  A small fire was spreading in the landscaping near the front entrance.  Someone threw a cigarette butt on the ground, and with the dry conditions and wind, the fire emerged.  There is a cigarette butt container at the entrance...use it. 

·           Smoking is prohibited on all Master Board property…this means all pools, courts, pavilion and the clubhouse. 

·           Please follow the rules and have consideration for others.

·           Marley Lombard collects bicycles for young children and for the Adopt-A-Family program.  If you have a bike you would like to donate, please call Marley.  She is in the book.

·           Don’t forget, if you want to help out with the Adopt-A-Family program, the gift tree is just inside the clubhouse in the foyer.


Next meeting is Monday December 21 at 10 am.


Have a great Thanksgiving and safe travels.


Tony Medley

Master Board