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Note from the CC Master Board President

posted Jul 4, 2021, 1:34 PM by Micheline LeBlanc   [ updated Jul 4, 2021, 1:35 PM ]

Greetings, I am Mark Sobotka your Cinnamon Cove Master Board President. The past 4 months have been busier than I had expected.  During this time with the aid of other board members we have hired replacements for the Maintenance Technician and the Recreation Director. 


Shaun Rampersaud is the new Maintenance Technician.  Shaun treats Cinnamon Cove as if it was his own property.  He has quickly become a friend of many residents of the Cove. He has tackled many of the items on our backlog of maintenance items and proactively addressed many items before they’ve even made it on the list. Shaun joined us at the end of March. Welcome Shaun.


Carly Garrett is our most recent hire, joining us at the end of May.  In the short time Carly has been here, the COVID protocols have allowed us to reopen the Clubhouse and the office.  Carly has been busy working on scheduling activities for this summer and into the high season.  During the first Ice Cream Friday back in the clubhouse, I learned that Carly worked for Stone Cold Creamery at one time, so she knows how to serve ice cream!  I know Carly is looking forward to resuming many of the activities that were popular before COVID, keep a few that we did during COVID. and introduce some new ones.  Welcome Carly.


Even with all of the turnover and orientation of new staff, a lot has been accomplished.  The lake shore restoration project is wrapping up with the installation of sod over the filled socks.  That will conclude that contract.  We are researching additional plantings for the south shore of long lake, along Summerlin to fill in some of the bare areas.  We are also looking for some aquatic plants for the shore of the lakes to improve the water quality and hopefully reduce the algae that plagued us this past winter. I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize the volunteers that helped pickup and dispose of the fish that succumbed to what we believe was oxygen deprivation in the algae beds.


As we close out June, the clubhouse poolside overhang should be completed. Having that shaded area near the pool is definitely welcome during the summer and I’m sure will be popular next winter as well.


After a lot of bureaucratic red tape, we have just been cleared to dig a replacement well for the irrigation system that serves Cinnamon Cove Boulevard, our main entrance.  It looks like the earliest we can get on the schedule for drilling is September.  Once we have reliable water, the Landscaping Committee is ready to spring into action and resume their plans to improve the landscaping of our entrance. Coming this summer, the circle in front of the clubhouse main entrance will receive new landscaping.


Bocce Ball players will be greeted by a refurbished court.  The new surface is an artificial turf placed over a 2 inch pad.  The new surface will cost less per year to maintain than the old granular surface that required annual renewal.  We expect to get about 10 years’ use of out new surface with minimal maintenance. 


Still to be done this summer is removal of the osprey nest and the installation of the nesting deterrents.  We are still searching for a location to install a nesting pole for the osprey that is suitable and the “bird mess” won’t be an issue. 


Volunteers completed the addition of additional cabinetry in the A/B rooms that will provide additional storage and counter space. 


Cinnamon Cove volunteers, both recognized and unrecognized save themselves and fellow neighbors a lot of money by tackling a number of projects each year, many times by just doing that little bit extra by picking up a piece of trash or tightening a loose screw. If you see something that needs attention, take care of it or submit a work order.  I hope to improve process for work orders this summer, including the ability to submit a work order electronically, and track the progress of the work order. 


I could continue with many more accomplishments and plans, but I think this gives everyone an idea that lots of positive things are happening here at Cinnamon Cove.  We have many opportunities for improvements and I think we are well positioned to begin to address those if we all bring a positive attitude to the table.


Remember to take some time to enjoy your summer.


Mark Sobotka – Cinnamon Cove Master Board President