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May Update

posted May 8, 2015, 10:25 AM by Micheline LeBlanc   [ updated May 8, 2015, 10:25 AM ]

Hello Cinnamon Cove Friends,

            Hope this finds you well and finally relaxing after a busy Cove Season.  Just a few items of note for you:

·           First…in the last update, it was noted that seal coating of Caravel Circle from Building 3 to Building 12 would take place starting on the 22nd.  Well, that was incorrect information.  That project will actually begin on Tuesday, May 26…day after Memorial Day

·           Did you have your picture taken for the Pictorial Directory?  If so, you are entitled to a free copy.  They are now available.  Stop by the Recreation Office to claim yours.  Not here?  Don’t worry.  Yours will be there when you return.

·           Tuesday morning, April 28, a group of about 20 Cinnamon Cove folks came out to give some time to clean the tables used at events, wash some windows and clean and reorganize the storage room.  Many hands made light work and it was great to see such willing folks giving of their time in a spirit of community.  That’s just another example of accepting ownership for our community.  THANKS to all!

·           A special mention to two men who are always looking for things to do: Richard Lantz painted the walls and floor of the mechanical room.  He is always looking for things to paint.  Harold Willingham has taken it upon himself to oversee the pools chairs and chaise lounges for broken straps.  What a chore that is.  Thanks guys.  

·           As a reminder, if you notice anything you think needs to be attended to, please call Liz Leden, our CAM, at Island Management.  Her number is 454-3525 ext. 113. 

·           Don’t forget to go to the Cinnamon Cove web page, www.cinnamoncove.com to see the latest pictures and catch up on the goings on. 

Have a wonderful summer, and come back refreshed and ready to get busy again in The Cove.


Tony Medley

Master Board