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Master Board Meeting Update November 16, 2020

posted Nov 17, 2020, 5:53 AM by Micheline LeBlanc   [ updated Nov 17, 2020, 5:57 AM ]
Hello Friends and Neighbors;

     The Master Board meeting was called to order at 10:01 with all 14 Board Members present.

     President Bill Durkee said that everything in Cinnamon Cove was going very well.

     The Treasurer's report showed that expenses were down due to COVID-19 and that we will end the year in the black.

      The Recreation and Social Director reported that Wednesday the 18th is Food truck Wednesday with The Cinnamon Crows performing in the parking lot at the clubhouse 5:30 to 7:30. Masks are required as well as social distancing, it is asked that as many as possible walk or bring golf carts in order to save what parking spaces are left for those who truly need them. Bring your own chair and a tip jar will be available for tips to the Cinnamon Crows. Friday at 2:00 is the ice cream social, masks required and $1. Food donations will be accepted next Monday 23rd from 1 to 3 in front of the clubhouse.

     Maintenance, Michael reported that the new A/C unit for the clubhouse has been installed and that there was an electrical issue in the fitness room which has been addressed. The issue with the new transponders not working at the back gate has also been remedied and that the plexiglass transponders are for owners with rental cars. Michael has also started looking at the work list from the building and grounds committee.

     Committee reports
      1.  Finance Committee reported that they have reduced the recommended Master Board fee in the 2021 budget to $84 per unit per month; this is a reduction of $0.99 per unit, partially due to this year's surplus and putting $39,960.00 from budget 2020 surplus into the updated 2021 budget. 

 2. The Amenities Committee has now opened the fitness center from 6 am to 4 pm.

 3.  Building and Grounds Committee recommended a November worksheet addressing the Osprey nest, permission to change the color scheme of the welcome center to a pale blue or green. (color has not been selected as of yet) They would like to purchase and have installed upper cabinets in the A/B room cost to be approximately $1650. Recommended removing the cabinets in the fitness room before the new floor is installed, giving it a little more room and the items stored there can be placed in the new cabinets in the A/B room. Then the room should be painted and cost approximately $100. Recommended new curtains in the upstairs library area cost $225. Recommended purchasing a large closed cupboard to store the games and puzzles cost $400. The November worksheet was approved by the Board minus the Osprey nest 14 to 0.

4. The communications committee reported that the new owner section of the website is complete at http://www.cinnamoncove.com this to give new owners in Cinnamon Cove information about, in and around Cinnamon Cove. The committee is also working on an information packet for new owners to be presented to the Board.

5. The Landscape Committee is going to concentrate its efforts along the Cinnamon Cove Boulevard to spruce it up and beautify from its present condition. They also recommended that the fountain area in front of the clubhouse be removed and paved over the Board is seeking future comment on this and another email will be forthcoming very soon.

     Old Business
       The roofing project at the pool is moving along the engineers work is completed and Bill Durkee will be meeting with them tomorrow morning and then it goes to Lee County.
        The land amendment mailing has been completed and all owners should be receiving their proxies very soon, it is very important to return your proxy as soon as possible to Florida Sunset so that the votes can be tabulated December 7th.
        The CCMA Handbook has now been completed and is available on the Cinnamon Cove website or from your Master Board representative.

     New Business
       Welcome center questions a. Difference between plexiglass transponders and regular transponders (answered Above) b. Best way to contact the welcome center if they do not answer the phone-  when they are busy helping residents at the gate they cannot answer the phone so please leave a message  and they will take care of it. Also using dwelling live will answer most problems any issues with that call Michael and he can address it.

 Ray Heuring said that tickets will be available in January for a March 20th baseball game between the Twins and Tampa Rays a sign up sheet will be posted in the back door of the clubhouse by the restrooms December 1, money will be collected in January. All interested should sign up and hopefully there will be a game and we will see you there.

Respectfully Submitted by Master Board Representative for Terrace II Jim Drake