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March 2016 Update

posted Apr 6, 2016, 6:03 PM by Micheline LeBlanc

We had a great turn out for the March Master Board Meeting.  It’s wonderful to see so many of you interested in what is going on in your community.  We had a good give and take with several folks speaking prior to the meeting.  

            Topics of discussion:


·         Peter Barrett, Lynn Breedy and Richard Davis spoke with regard to this subject.  Both Peter and Lynn expressed a desire amongst the pickleball players, which is growing in numbers by the year, if not by the month, for a court to be built in our community.  

·         The issue with this…just not enough property on Master Association grounds…that is, around the clubhouse.  The other option was to appeal to Neighbor Associations to allow for the court to be constructed in one of three areas.  The presentations were well thought out, well researched and very sincere.  

·         Richard Davis noted that he and several of his neighbors in Villas I are against a court being constructed near the Bayleaf Pool.  Noise, parking, two large trees are among the arguments he brought forth.  

·         In further discussion during the meeting, a couple of the Neighbor Associations said they would not allow a court to be placed within their boundaries.  

·         Another option offered was one that had been presented some years ago…painting lines on the tennis courts.  It was determined in a discussion with a previous Master Board, that painting lines on the tennis court would constitute a material change.  As a result, this never happened. 

·         The Pickleball representatives were asked to meet with some reps from the Master Board to try to come to some decisions about this topic.  Please contact me about this.  


·         It was determined at a meeting with the company that Cinnamon Cove will institute a Transponder system for gate entry.  

·         Each homeowner will be given to two (2) transponders.  The Master Board will cover the cost of these two.  If, in the future, you need another one or more, then that is at your cost.  The price is at or near $5.  

·         We will begin the switch over August 1, 2016 and keep the dual system of entry until March 1, 2017.  That means, you can either use your current clicker or the transponder.  By March, most of us who come to The Cove in season will be here and will be given the transponder.

·         To gain entry through Kelly Greens, the clicker will still be used.

·         The Securitas folks and a group of volunteers will help you install the unit in your car.  

·         The unit cannot be transferred from one car to another.

·         If you, as an owner, rent or lease your property, then it is vital that the renter/leasee have a copy of the lease agreement to present in order to receive the transponder.  

·         More information will follow in regards to this.  An owner suggested an information and guideline sheet be presented so you will know all the info and the steps to be taken.  

Documents Revision

·         This is a lengthy process that has already taken over 50 hours of preparation.

·         A timeline has been established for the final push to get it into your hands for preview and questions.  Of course, that timeline is all very speculative in nature.

·         The Master Board members have rough draft copies and will be discussing and asking questions at the April 18 meeting.  By then we hope to have some more definitive dates set up.

Other Topics

·         The Call Box at the main gate will be going away soon.  You were informed of this in a letter you received in January.  As soon as the signs are posted, this will happen.  After that, if you have guests desiring entry, you will have to notify the Access Control Person at the front gate.  

·         Cinnamon Cove Boulevard and the clubhouse parking lot will be repaved late this spring.  You will be notified when this work is set to begin.

·         A more in-depth landscaping proposal for the island feature at the front clubhouse entrance will be presented at the April 18 meeting.  

·         VERY IMPORTANT….The residents in buildings 1 and 2 are becoming quite concerned for the safety of those who use their parking areas for riding bikes and even walking.  They have requested those of you who walk or ride, please do not use the parking area for that purpose.   If you are a walker, please use the sidewalk.  Bikers are to NEVER use a sidewalk anywhere in The Cove.  

·         If you rent your place, it is YOUR responsibility to inform your renters of the rules and regulations of Cinnamon Cove.  Quite frankly, it is often those who rent who do not abide by the rules.  The rules are not that restrictive…just mostly common sense stuff, but none the less, we must all adhere to them. 

Thank you very much for reading this lengthy note.  Traveling?  Have a safe journey.

 Tony Medley.   Master Board