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January Master Board Meeting Update

posted Jan 21, 2015, 6:02 AM by Jeanne Hopkins

Hello Cinnamon Cove Friends,

            One Hundred residents attended the January 19 meeting Monday morning.  Several topics were covered.  A recap follows:

            Because so many folks are jumping in and taking charge of various elements of Cinnamon Cove life, the term “ownership” has come to the front. 

·           Dick Schoneker oversaw the refurbishing of the shuffleboard courts. 

·           Bob Bonnett and his crew headed up the work on the bocce courts.

·           Sally Dill and her crew of painters are all set to spruce up the electrical junction boxes.  She has seven ready and willing painters.

·           Mary Jane Corning has spent many hours working on the picture directory and reports great success, but would like to have more.  So contact her.  It’s not too late.

·           Mike Richard worked long and hard on the end of year balance sheet and well as the annual budget. 

·           Paul Ripchik and his working group are all set to begin an, at least, year-long process of rewriting the master documents to bring them into the 21st Century. 

·           Barbara Blocker, Chris Carmichael and Bobbi Watkins have overseen new signage.  It will be in place in the next couple of weeks.

·           The cast of Carousel is spending many, many long hours in anticipation of next week’s dates.  It is sold out.  That’s a testament to past productions. 

More volunteers are needed to help complete some small jobs that are needed to get completed.  Painting window frames, cleaning tables, repairing chairs and a few small jobs need to get done.  These small jobs are a way for us to claim ownership and save a bit of money at the same time.  Please call me at 482-0590 or email me to join in with these small projects.

As mentioned in the last notice, Wal-Mart is coming.  There has been some speculation about San Carlos.  Resident Ed Sweeney, who is on top of everything for us regarding local government, reports there are no plans to widen it or to put a light at Cinnamon Cove Boulevard. 

The Master Board is being courted by several security companies who would like to take over our service.  I will keep you posted on this.  NO….the guards are not leaving…we will have guards at the main gate. 

The possibility of WiFi connections was discussed.  Several residents commented on this with as many thoughts as there were speakers.  It will be investigated and reported to the board as to feasibility.  All aspects of this will be looked at. 

PLEASE….return your proxy for the rollover of excess membership income over membership expenses, if any, for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2015.  It is imperative that you do this so a quorum can be met.  If you are in The Cove, give your proxy to your board rep and save a stamp.

The Annual Membership Meeting of The Cinnamon Cove Master Association will be Monday, February 16 at 10 am.  At the conclusion of this meeting a Board of Directors Organizational Meeting will take place.  New members will be seated on the board with elections of the Executive Board.  Please plan to attend so you can keep up with what is happening in The Cove.

One last thing…if you want to attend an event at the clubhouse, you have to get to the office early.  Event tickets are hot items.  One way to get around that…go to the web site…www.cinnamoncove.com, click on Resources and print the sign-up sheet.  Fill out and drop off at the office.

If you have an issue with anything and you feel it needs attention, please call CAM, Liz Leden at 454-3525 ext. 113. 

Hope to see you around The Cove.


Tony Medley

Master Board