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January 2019 Update

posted Feb 3, 2019, 11:15 AM by Micheline LeBlanc


The most recent Master Board meeting was 1/21/19.  It adjourned after 70 minutes, which was great.

After the meeting, I announced a town hall session where anyone could address concerns and suggestions to me in a non-meeting style.  It went well enough that I will try to continue it.

The treasurer reported on the financial condition of the Cove.  As expected, some items were over budget, others under.  Overall, we are in good financial shape.

Miss  Jeanne  spoke on many topics, including upcoming events.  Please read colored upcoming events sheets.  They are posted at the Club House, swimming pools and your own association bulletin board.  Remember, tickets go on sale the day that the newspaper is available, which is usually the last week of the month.  She relayed a message from Judy regarding the exercise room.  Please update your personal information cards.  If something happens to you and there is not current and sufficient information, first responders  are at a loss and you could be in danger.

Michael Waunsch updated us on the physical state of the Cove.  Gates are working again and hopefully for a long time to come.  The speakers around the pool are working.  After the meeting he showed me the newest  improvement to the pool area.  For years volunteers have come to the pool area to water the plants.  We now have an automated watering system to handle that task.  Thank you to all the dedicated people who spent their time making the main pool area a better place to visit.  There is a new cleaning agency on board.  If you see anything that needs attention,  fill out a work order at the club house for Michael.  He will handle it.  Do not tell him in person.  He is very busy and could easily forget.

The Board discussed social clubs and monetary accounts for them.  We encourage the existence of clubs such as computer, card players, etc.  If you collect dues and want to use them for special events like lunches or buying supplies for your particular group, that is fine.  But, if you stage an event and charge a fee while using Cinnamon Cove facilities, that becomes part of the Recreation Dept.  Fees will be collected and deposited in the proper bank accounts and expenses paid for you from same account.  If you desire an accounting of these funds, Jeanne will accommodate you, but please give her ample notice.  This is necessary because proper financial accountability and adequate insurance coverage for activities are responsibilities of the Master Association.

We are organizing a Violations Committee.  The purpose of this committee will be to finally make residents responsible for their actions.  Residents include owners, guests and renters.  We will update you as we proceed.  The committee consists of 3 people and 3 have already signed up.  If you would like to be on the delegate list in case of openings, please let me know.

The 2 mailings for the upcoming annual meeting went out on time, thanks to the CC army of volunteers.   Thank you to all of them.  If you would please return the proxy form to the office in the return envelope, it will help speed up the process.  Otherwise, bring them to the meeting which is 2/18/19.  Registration at 9 am, meeting at 10 am.

On Saturday, 1/26/19, Jeanne organized a car show.  Despite the weather, it was well attended.  Plus, we served hot dogs, chips and soda.  A good time had by all.  Looking forward to the next one.  Thank you, Jeanne. 

Finally, a word about volunteers.  Folks, without volunteers performing the multiple tasks at CC, we would either have nothing happening or our HOAs would be much higher.  So, when you come to the office or an event, think about that.  Smile and say thank you.  I know that most of you already do this, but we need to keep letting them know that we really appreciate them. 

Remember, keep smiling.  Bill

William J Durkee, CPA, CCMA Pres.