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January 2018 Update

posted Jan 15, 2018, 7:32 PM by Micheline LeBlanc

Hello Master Board Friends,


What a wonderful turnout of around 150 residents for the January meeting of the master board.  As was mentioned in the pre-meeting note, several topics were covered and some were voted on so as to expedite items that needed immediate attention. 


The newly rewritten Rules and Regulations passed with a unanimous vote.  This is the culmination of several months of effort to bring up to date this document which has not been updated in countless years. 


That being said, you will be receiving a packet containing this document along with several other pages of great importance.  The most important is a proxy page that is vital for you to vote on four items, sign and return in the enclosed envelope.  The board recommends you vote yes on these. 


Remember also, the February meeting is the Members Annual Meeting.  If a quorum is not met, a meeting cannot be held, new board members cannot be seated and officers cannot be elected.  Please vote, sign and return.


Speaking of receiving, you can pick up your packet on Thursday, January 18 in the clubhouse anywhere between 1 and 4 pm.  This will save it going in the mail (save money on postage) and you can get it sooner.  This system worked very well last year, so we are doing it again.


Question…can you pick-up a packet for a neighbor?  Yes, you can.  Just bring the ID of that person and you will be allowed to do that for them. 


Business of the day….

            Voted on and approved…purchase of new benches for the clubhouse entry, new trash and recycle containers for the main pool and satellite pools, storage units for shuffleboard equipment.  Also, new doors for the clubhouse dumpster were approved.


PLEASE NOTE….It was stated that Michael Waunsch, Maintenance Supervisor is to oversee all maintenance vendors who come into The Cove.  This is ONLY for those vendors who are working on Master Association property.  This does not apply to anyone you may have working on your individual home.  Nor does it apply for individual associations that may have vendors working.  Sorry for the confusion. 


Don’t forget….pick-up your packet on Thursday at the clubhouse anywhere from 1 to 4 pm.  Please help save some postage money.  Very important….vote on proxy, sign and return mail

Thanks for being so supportive of this board for the past four years.  Board members volunteer many hours in service to our community and it’s greatly appreciated when the support is so outstanding. 


Tony Medley

Master Board