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January 2016 Update

posted Jan 20, 2016, 9:20 AM by Micheline LeBlanc

Hello Cinnamon Cove Friends,

            This is a follow up on the Master Board meeting of this past Monday

            A couple points of interest emerged:

·           A resident commented before the meeting that she had a problem logging onto the new CapSure web site.  It was noted that it was not secure.  This has been corrected.  The new/updated site is  https://cinnamoncove.capsure.com   Note the ‘S’ after ‘http.’  This indicates a secure site.  If any other issues, please call Liz at Island Management at 454-3525 ext. 113

·           Bobbi Watkins of the landscape advisory group gave a presentation regarding the water feature area at the clubhouse front entrance.  She was very well prepared with graphics, time-line and prices for scope of work.  Some discussion ensued and it was determined that the advisory group come back together to work out some more details on this matter.  As was stated, landscape is one of the two biggest issues we have in our community, so we want to ensure it is done with much forethought (certainly the advisory group has done this) and in the best interest of the entire community.  More to follow.

·           Treasurer’s report…will end the year at a surplus of 5 to 10% at $25 to $30 thousand under budget.

·           Last month the board approved hiring a maintenance specialist.  The person offered the position turned it down.  Currently we are in the process of looking for a good candidate and potential hire. 

·           Paul Ripchik gave a good presentation of the Master Document group’s progress.  He gave a history of the documents and ongoing steps the group is undertaking to make headway.  This is an arduous task and one that will take time.  Of course, you will be kept up to date on its progress.

·           Don’t forget if you are interested in participating in The Variety Show, a meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, January 21 at 1 pm. 

·           Also, if you are or have been a Covympics Captain, (or send someone in your place) you are encouraged to come to a meeting onFriday, January 22 at 10 am to discuss this year’s “new” games format.  The Cinnamon Cove Challenge promises to be just that. 

·           Don’t forget the annual residents meeting is Monday, February 15 at 10 am

·           Send in your PROXY.  Can’t have a meeting without a quorum. 

·           Also, if you know an owner who is not receiving these emails, please ask them to send me a note.  Currently have 417 contacts on the list.  It would be great to get to 450 before the end of the season.


Have a great winter and be safe,


Tony Medley


Master Board