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February 2016 Update

posted Feb 18, 2016, 1:21 PM by Micheline LeBlanc   [ updated Apr 6, 2016, 6:05 PM ]

Hello Cinnamon Cove Friends,

            Had a great turn out for the Annual Membership Meeting of The Master Board.  We had three meetings that day. 

            Some items of note:

From Rec Director Jeanne Hopkins,

·           On Thursday March 3rd Cinnamon Cove will have its first ever Farmers Market in the clubhouse parking lot from 9:00am until 2:00pm. Some of the vendors that will be here will be fresh produce, homemade jams, fresh bread, fresh bakery healthy products, pasta and olive oil, pickles and homemade mozzarella, herbs and orchids

·           Show support to our local farmers etc. If this one is a success we will schedule more times for them to come in, and we will add vendors as we go as well.

·           Also as noted from last meeting, we have hired a Maintenance Specialist/pool person.  Asher King started with us on Monday.  He is an employee for the Master Association and will work exclusively on the pools and on the common properties for the master association.  If you notice anything you think needs attending to, please fill out a work order for Cinnamon Cove.  Turn it in to the office and the job will get done.  You can find that work order sheet in the drawer in the table under the TV in the clubhouse.  Also, it is attached to this email.  Soon we will have a work order box mounted so you can put those work orders there. 

Board news,

·           Thanks very much to Mary Jane Corning and Bill Abbott for their years so service to the board

·           Coming to the board are Carolyn Kern and Merry Jo Parker

·           In the general discussion several questions regarding the Capsure system for our new Access Control System were brought up.  Mostly these questions were for clarification and timeline.  It is the goal of the board to implement all procedures that will be introduced by next fall, maybe even sooner.  When the timeline is definite, you will notified.

·           Cinnamon Cove Boulevard will be paved this spring…so look for that to happen

·           The deck of the entry way to the clubhouse will be painted in the near future.  Look for that to happen.  You may inconvenienced for a day or two. 

·           New lights are set to be installed along CC Boulevard.  These are LED lights that should last us for many years.

·           Also, an issue was raised about the lack of light at the entrance to CC Boulevard.  We are looking into that issue and will do something about it.

·           The Landscape Group is headlong into a couple of projects and will report to the board in March.  Nancy Monahan asked those present, and all residents, to please contact anyone in that group with their suggestions, concerns and thoughts. 

·           The board approved a Pool Paver Replacement Program which will fund the repaving of the decks of all the pools over the next few years.  Bayleaf pool is the first on the list.  A few more hoops have to be jumped through to get to the paving stage, but it will happen.  You will be informed as to the timeline of that. 

Two other items,

·           Do you have a set of shelves you would like to get rid of?  Asher King, our maintenance specialist, could use them for his storage area.  They can be metal, wood, plastic.  Please call the office at 466-7727.  That would be great.

·           And…do you have electronic equipment you need to dispose of?  Cartridge World located at 13141 McGregor Boulevard (across from The Landings) will take your printers, computers, fax machines and recycle them.  Please do not throw in the dumpster. 

·           Speaking of dumpster….if you have large items to dispose of, please call Advanced Disposal at 334-1224 and they will arrange to pick it up.  Please don’t put it out by your dumpster and expect them to know it is there.  It won’t happen and it sits there for days. 

Hope you continue to have a good winter, and if you haven’t been here yet, hope to see you soon.


Tony Medley

Master Board