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December Meeting Updates

posted Dec 26, 2015, 3:53 PM by Micheline LeBlanc

Hello Cinnamon Cove Friends,

            Sure hope you have had a good Christmas and are looking forward to a festive New Year’s celebration.

            A couple of items that were discussed and voted on at the December Master Board meeting need to be brought to your attention,  but before those important rulings, a few other topics: 

·           If you are a surviving spouse of a United States Military Veteran, and you are in possession of a memorial US Flag, perhaps you would like to donate that flag to the clubhouse for it to be flown on the pole in front of the clubhouse.  This idea came from Ellie Kloss who donated two flags in her late husband’s honor.  Please contact Jeanne Hopkins in the Recreation Office to donate your flag.  When the flag is flying, a note of recognition will be on display in the clubhouse to let everyone know in whose honor it flies. 

·           As of this email, there are 411 folks on the list to receive these updates.  If you know of someone who is not on the list, please advise them as to how easy it is to sign up.

·           PLEASE do not use the dumpster at the clubhouse for your everyday or construction trash.  If you live in a single family home and, of course, do not have access to a dumpster, then a “one shot” departure dump (when you are leaving) is okay…but not an every week practice.  That’s why you have a trash receptacle.  Better yet, ask your neighbor to take care of it for you.

·           Paul Ripchik reports the group working of revising the master documents is in full swing and will be meeting again shortly after the first of the year.  Paul feels the group is ahead of the proposed schedule because of the input from our lawyer, Joe Adams.   He is excited about the prospect of its completion and subsequent vote by the residents to adopt this much needed revision. 

·           The bocce courts were recently resurfaced as is the case each year.  The bocce fathers are pleased with the work that was done by Mor Sports.

·           Someone borrowed the broom from the pavilion…please return. 

Now on to the two big discussions and votes:

·           The landscape advisory group---Bobbi Watkins, Mary Jane Corning and Nancy Monahan made a presentation about three proposed projects.  Bobbi gave a very good visual and narrative overview of the upgrades.  Much discussion ensued.  It was determined that three projects proposed at one time were a great deal to take in.  So, the board asked the group to go with one job and get it done before proposing another.  It seemed the consensus agreed as the discussion progressed.  So the first project to be completed is along Cinnamon Cove Boulevard. 

The group will put together drawings of the next two proposals, the fountain area and the clubhouse main entrance area.  The plan is to have a town hall meeting to get thoughts and feedback, and to post the plans on the web site as well as in the clubhouse.

When all this comes together, you will be notified via email.

·           After an informative and somewhat lengthy discussion, The Master Board voted unanimously to hire a Maintenance Specialist.  This move was recommended by the Executive Committee.  After several meetings and countless revisions of a job description of a maintenance person, it was determined that this could be a good move for The Cove.  This person will be responsible for the main pool and satellite pools as well as the hot tub.  He will also be in charge of all maintenance and daily duties of the Master Board property.  Fewer outside vendors will have to be hired as a result of this.  Is this a money saving venture?  Yes, but more importantly, we will have a person on staff who can get jobs done and stay on top of long and short range projects.

May you have a joyous New Year and a peace filled 2016. 


Tony Medley

Master Board