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January Master Board Meeting Recap

posted Jan 21, 2021, 1:41 PM by Micheline LeBlanc   [ updated Jan 21, 2021, 1:42 PM ]

  This being the final meeting of some of our Master Board Members, I would like to take a moment and thank them for their service. Bill Durkee, Mary Beth Martel, John Sloggett and Janet Carloni Thank You very much for the time and effort that you all put in to make Cinnamon Cove a better place to live.

     The meeting was called to order at 10:01 am by President Bill Durkee, roll call was taken and 13 members were present. The minutes from the meeting of 12/21/2020 were amended and approved 13 to 0.

     President's Report was very short this being the Presidents last meeting some personal thanks were handed out for jobs well done.

     Treasurer's Report- We are still in very good shape ending up 2020 some bills were not in and paid yet but we will end up in the black for 2020. The Finance Committee reported that there being no taxes to be paid on the new property out front the money in the reserves to pay the taxes was re-allocated to the pool fund to help pay the new pool company and to the BOCCE courts which are in very bad shape and need to be rebuilt.

     Recreation and Social Director Cali-Went over events still planned for the end of January and also for February. The News and Views newspaper for February will be out January 25th and can be found by going in the back door of the clubhouse between the restrooms. Cali also wanted to remind everyone that any social events at Cinnamon Cove masks are mandatory.

     Maintenance Report-The heater at the pool and hot tub are now fixed, Florida Sunset has now taken over the maintenance of the 4 pools that are the responsibility of the Master Board, any problems please call Florida Sunset. The manhole grate on Caravel Circle by Building 12 is being replaced and waiting on parts, also 75ft of the concrete trough on the corner of Caraway and Bayleaf is to be replaced as it is in very bad shape.

     The Finance Committee Report was done along with the treasurer's report.

     The Reopening Committee reported that everything was going well and no changes at this time.

     Buildings and Grounds reported that the pool furniture washing party was a success and the excess pool furniture is put away until such a time as it will be needed. The painting of the Welcome center will commence the last week of the month weather permitting, the total cost to remodel the bathroom at the Bayleaf pool was $800.00. The committee is looking for $5,000.00 to remodel the remaining bathrooms at the Spinnaker pool, Caravel pool and the one left at Bayleaf.

      The Landscaping Committee reported that they cannot do any more plantings along the Boulevard until they have a water source, the well that supplies the Boulevard is under repair. Any work to the trees along the Tennis courts has been tabled and further study on the matter was recommended by the Board.

      The Communication Committee reported that on the 15th of January an orientation was held to orient new volunteers to greet new owners with information about Cinnamon Cove and their respective associations, the meeting went well and 12 of the associations in Cinnamon Cove were represented at the orientation.

     The Board is looking to get the Osprey nest relocated to a platform away from the Tennis courts and nearer the lake this should be done shortly.

      The Board voted to renew our Insurance for the Cinnamon Cove Master buildings, equipment and furniture, the Insurance comes with 2% deductible and $125,000.00 coverage on equipment and furniture.

      Adopt a Family would like to continue with their program but have it sanctioned by the Board, they are also asking for up to $600.00 for 3 months rental of a storage unit and to continue to keep the space that they have in the cupboards in the clubhouse. This was tabled until after the March 1 meeting to be held with Adopt a Family representatives, building and grounds committee, 2 representatives from the Master Board and Cali for the Recreation Department.

     The meeting was adjourned at 12:35 pm

    Respectfully Submitted by James Drake Master Board Representative for Terrace II