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August 2015 Update

posted Aug 22, 2015, 10:11 AM by Micheline LeBlanc

Hello Cinnamon Cove Friends,

   Hope this note finds you in good health and enjoying the last weeks of summer.

   The Master Board recently met to discuss and vote on changing security companies.  This is not something the board took lightly and all of the members were aware of the subject well before the meeting.  A good discussion, among the 12 members present, ensued with several questions coming out of it.  One question that surfaced…will the community see greater benefit as a result.  It would not have happened if that weren’t the case.  No need to change just to change. 

   With full approval of the board, Cinnamon Cove will have a new security company, Securitas, beginning October 1, 2015

   Some points for you to consider:

·           Initially you will experience minimal change

·           Guards will be in the guardhouse 24/7

·           New guards will be in place and perhaps some of the current ones

·           Entry and exit to the community will continue as in the past…using clicker

·           One immediate change…when you call the guardhouse and, if for some reason, the guard does not answer the phone, your call will roll over to a cell phone in the guard’s possession. 

   In the near future:

·           In early November, the guards will begin using a Visitor Management System that gathers and retains information on contractors and visitors entering the community. The contractor/visitor will be given directions to their intended location and will be issued a pass that specifies that location and the expected duration of their visit. Once the pass expires, their return to the community will require that they re-establish their justification for entering the community.

·           Any change in resident entry to the community will not occur until 2016. Further, any change will be fully explained to the residents through “town hall meetings” and in writing well in advance of implementation

   The board is aware of many questions and apprehensions with this change. Comments and questions from all board members, as well as presidents of associations, have been solicited and collected.  Many of those questions are answered by the information above. The remainder will be reviewed with Securitas and addressed as the company begins its service to Cinnamon Cove. 

   Your patience and understanding are asked as this comes about.  Hopefully, we will cover all the bases, but one never knows what will be presented. 

   We promise to keep you in the loop. 


Tony Medley

Master Board