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April Master Board Update

posted Apr 24, 2021, 4:15 AM by Micheline LeBlanc   [ updated Apr 24, 2021, 6:48 AM ]
Hello neighbors and friends, it is time for another recap of a Master Board meeting.

     The meeting was called to order at 10 am by President Mark Sobotka, 13 of 14 Board Members were present. The meeting minutes from 3/15/2021 were approved with changes.

     CAM report given by  Kim Luebke 
1) The irrigation along the Cinnamon Cove Boulevard has been an issue and options are still being looked at to provide irrigation along the Boulevard. The decision by the Board was to let the plantings go for now and what survives will survive and then start from scratch after the irrigation problem is resolved. 
2) Bocce Court status is still being worked on, no vendor wants to split the job (frame and surface) with another to lower the cost and bids are still too high. 
3) Shuffleboard shelters status, vendors are having trouble getting materials to even quote the job. Kim and Shaun will look at the shelters after the meeting and see what the possible solutions might be for a temporary fix to make the shelters more stable. 
4) Rain gutter repairs will be done on the corner of Ginger and Caraway about 75ft of concrete to be replaced. The storm drain on Caravel Circle is waiting on materials as there is a shortage of them. 
5) Clubhouse pool overhang is also being held up due to a shortage of materials, however Mark is going to contact the contractor to see if the demolition can be done and then wait for the materials to arrive. 
6) Electric work in the clubhouse pool pump room is being held up by a shortage in materials to do the job. The electric work on the main panel in the clubhouse is waiting on FPL to become available to shut off the electric and turn it back on hopefully this week or next. We have the materials for this fix.
7) Tennis Court lighting pole replacement is not being bid on due to a shortage of materials.

     Treasurer's report was given by Mark Sobotka; he will temporarily take over the treasurer's duties until one can be found. We are $3,800 in the black for the year to date.

     President's report given by Mark Sobotka, looking at possible solutions for the problems experienced during spring break this year.

     Recreation and Social Director update was given by Lynn Breedy, May events have been cancelled as there are too few residents left here in Cinnamon Cove at that time. Also, there will be no Cinnamon Cove newspaper, News and Views, for June, July and August, but will resume again in September.

     Maintenance report was given by Mark and Shaun, The exterior lighting outage at the clubhouse has been repaired. Bayleaf pools water heater for the shower was leaking and is being repaired, Fans have been removed from the clubhouse overhang in preparation of the project. The location for the pole for the new Osprey nest is being surveyed this week, however the nest cannot be moved until the baby Ospreys have left the nest.

     Committee Reports:

     Building and Grounds, Storage cabinets to be added to Rooms A/B is complete.
     Lakes, Opinions are that oxygen deprivation led to the fish kill as all the fish were Tilapia that were spawning on their nests near the shore and when the spraying was done and the algae created by the spraying cut off the oxygen on the surface above their nests. The Board is recommending that the vender get the water tested periodically and have the results sent to the Board. Also plantings along the Lake shores are being studied by the Committee to see what best would help our Lakes.
      Landscaping, Recommended the removal of the water feature in the island in front of the Clubhouse and replacing with soil and planting flowers. Approved by the Board.
     Personnel, Committee is presently reviewing applications for the Recreation and Social Director position. No target date has been set for hiring, however the Board recommended that as soon as a viable candidate was found, that the Committee not wait to fill the position.
     Amenities Group The round tables along the inside back wall of the clubhouse can now be used for card playing, etc. They need to be wiped down before and after with supplies provided.. Clubhouse hours have been extended to 6am to 10pm daily Monday through Sunday.

     Old Business

     Treasurer, still none in place. Mark will act as the Financial officer until one can be found.
      Adopt-a-family group rescinded its request for financial support from the Master Board. No action was taken by the MB
      The sign for Veterans Park (at the Bayleaf Pool area under the trees) is done and will be installed in November for a dedication ceremony to be held November 11th, 2021.
     New Business,

     The recommendation from the Landscape Committee to remove the Island in front of the Clubhouse was denied by the Board.

     Alan Quinney requested that the Master Board oversee the Tennis Teams for adherence to the  official rules governing their league play. The Master Board decided not to get involved and that the team president should decide this.

     The Board decided that there would be no regular monthly meetings until September 20th, 2021, however kept the option open for special meetings to be called in case of an emergency or if a decision was needed by the Board.

     The meeting was Adjourned at 1:21 pm.

     Submitted respectfully by Terrace II Master Board Representative James Drake