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April 2017 Update

posted Apr 21, 2017, 8:23 AM by Micheline LeBlanc

Hello Cinnamon Cove Friends,

      By now many of you have made the northern trek and are perhaps settled into that “new” routine.  And because of that, you weren’t at the Master Board meeting on Monday.  Here’s a recap:

     From the President’s Report….

Michael Waunsch was introduced as our new maintenance person.  He comes to us with many years of experience in this field as well as pool maintenance.

Getting bids for drop down bars on the entry gates to supplement the swinging gates.  This is just something we are looking at, not a done deal.  Will keep you posted. 

     CLICKERS WILL BE DEACTIVATED AT THE FRONT GATE ONMAY 1.  So if you don’t have a transponder, you will have to enter through the visitor’s gate.  The clicker will remain activated at the rear gate until Kelly Greens comes on line with their new entry system…same as ours.  Will let you know.

     Board members are beginning the review of the Rules and Regulations.  Will begin serious revision of these in the fall with adoption after much discussion and a town hall meeting for your input.  More to follow.

      Old Business….

      Approval was given to replace the pavers at the Caravel pool.  This is second pool to be upgraded in the plan to do all of the pools.  Please note that some inconvenience will be expected.

     New contracts were given for landscaping and janitorial services.  We are staying with the same landscaping company and switching to a new janitorial service. 

     Policies and procedures for Dwelling Live, Transponders and Rental Cars were discussed and approved.  These documents in PDF format are attached to this email in case you need to have them.

     New Business….

     The Tennis Group gave a presentation regarding their thoughts, suggestions and long range plans for the court’s area.  This presentation was in response to one given by pickleball last month, and offered a couple of options for mid and long range planning.  (The board members have already set in motion a planning group to look at the mid-range plan which would involve the areas around the clubhouse to “find” some space for growth and expansion.)

    I really can’t go further into this, as it is very early in the process.   Along with the suggestions made in the presentation, several positive thoughts have been added to the mix from a few residents.  The plan is to get a professional architect or engineer involved to give us some direction and address feasibility.  I’ll keep you posted and things move along.

     After some discussion on the issue of painting or not painting pickleball lines on the courts, the board felt it was time to move in that direction for a short-term solution.  An 11-2 vote was cast in favor of this motion.  Those voting in favor expressed the opinion that this was done for the overall good and long-range health of the community.

      Along with this, some board members expressed disappointment that a solution/compromise could not be attained prior to the meeting to show good faith and cooperation between the two groups. 

      Now, we move on.

      A couple more items….

     Don’t forget to call Ray Heuring to sign up for the Twins baseball game set for next March.  The goal is to be able to reserve an entire section of the stands with all CC folks.

     Golfers, especially those here during the summer…Kelly Greens is offering a Guest of the Club Summer Golf package.  A flyer with all the information is posted on the bulletin board in the clubhouse foyer.  The short of it: Valid May 15 through October 15.  Single rate is $395 with couple rate at $550.  Other info is on the flyer.  You can also call 239-466-9570 for more info.

     A gentleman who walks every day and wishes to remain anonymous has been a diligent volunteer of litter removal this entire season.  He reports he would like for you to put him out of a job.  How? Please don’t litter.  

     I sure hope you have a pleasant summer and if you plan to travel, do so safely. 

Tony Medley

Master Board