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2017 Annual Meeting Recap

posted Feb 22, 2017, 9:52 AM by Micheline LeBlanc   [ updated Apr 6, 2018, 11:05 AM ]

Hello Cinnamon Cove Friends,

            The Annual Members meeting was held this past Monday with about 150 in attendance.  Members are invited to address the board with questions or concerns.

Some general discussion arose after a comment was presented regarding not receiving mailings from the Master Board.  To that end, it is the member/owner’s responsibility to ensure the mailing address is always us to date and current with where the resident is residing. 

            Another member addressed those who do not adhere to the speed limit of 15 MPH.  This has been an ongoing problem for many years and has been brought to the board many times.  As this person mentioned, let’s hope that someone (a walker or biker) isn’t injured because of speed on our roads.  A side note…when walking….PLEASE…. walk facing traffic.  More and more walkers are not doing this.  Walk your dog facing traffic. 

            From Jeanne Hopkins, Recreation Director….The Recreation Department is running a survey to know in which recreation activities Cinnamon Cove residents and guests are interested.  Please take a few minutes, click on this link, to complete the survey online.  If you prefer, there are hardcopy survey sheets on the counter in the clubhouse office as well.

            After many months of intense work, the newly amended and restated documents were passed by the members.  This means the board can now move along with wording that is consistent with 2017 and beyond.  The affirmation was overwhelmingly in favor of the new language and guidelines. 

            A great thanks to the outgoing board members who have dedicated their many months of time to the community….Bobbi Watkins, Norm Schuring, Sally Dill and Paul Capella. 

            Following the Members meeting was an organizational meeting where new members were seated and officer elections were conducted.  Also, several topics were on the agenda and discussed.

            The next element of the documents is Rules and Regulations.  Currently these are being attended to by the law office and will be in our hands shortly.  More on that when presented. 

            Transponders….Carolyn Kern made a motion that the current clicker mode of entry be extended on the BACK gate until Kelly Greens has its new entry system (transponder) up and running.  This will make for a smoother transition when KG is fully operational.  This motion passed.  More on that when we get closer to it. 

            Also, at a meeting of those who make the decisions regarding the transponders, it was decided that transponders will not be issued for bicycles and three wheel bikes.  This is a safety concern in that it is not good for non-motorized transportation to be entering the gate where a motorized vehicle is or could be present.  Those on bikes must continue to use the pedestrian gate.

            The next Transponder installation date is this Saturday, February 25 from 1:30 to 4 in the parking lot. 

            Under New Business:

            Bids are being taken for installation of lights in the stairwells leading up to the library area. 

            Also looking at new lights for around the pool and in front of the clubhouse.  This has been an ongoing project in the planning stage.  Getting closer I hope.

            Some discussion on replacing the concrete walkways on both sides of the clubhouse.  The expense is great, so not sure just how this is going to shake out.  Will keep you posted on this one.

            Pool #2 at Caravel Circle at Building 12 is due for new pavers this summer.  This is part of the long-range project to replace the pavers at all the pools over the next few years.  More info to follow as we get closer.

            Maintenance contracts are being looked at with a possible rebidding in the works.  This includes janitorial and landscape to ensure we are getting the most for our money.

            Some discussion was held regarding purchasing new tables for the card rooms.  Nothing concrete here…just got the ball rolling on it.  Jeanne Hopkins will be in on this discussion as well. 

            A couple of other items….

            Reminder…there is NO SMOKING on any Master Board property. 

            There have been a couple of issues of walkers accessing Kelly Greens property that is private, such as the golf course.  You are asked to please stay on the sidewalks in Kelly Greens.

            A resident has compiled a very nice history of Cinnamon Cove.  You can find this on the web site.  Once there, go to the Resource Center and locate the history.  It’s an interesting read. 

            The next Master Board meeting is Monday, March 20 at 10 am.


Tony Medley


Master Board