Proxy Vote

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This is an explanation of question #2 on the proxy recently mailed to you.


An example of a “non-scheduled purpose” could be if a hurricane damaged the clubhouse and the cost is greater than what is budgeted for such an event, then the board is authorized to use reserve funds for the repair and, under the law, these funds must be reimbursed within the fiscal year.  This is a Florida Statute and all associations adhere to it.

No reserves will ever be used for other purposes ,  which  includes the newly purchased land.


Land Aqcuisition

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Town Hall Meeting
Saturday, March 23,2019
CC Clubhouse 

January 2019 Update

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The most recent Master Board meeting was 1/21/19.  It adjourned after 70 minutes, which was great.

After the meeting, I announced a town hall session where anyone could address concerns and suggestions to me in a non-meeting style.  It went well enough that I will try to continue it.

The treasurer reported on the financial condition of the Cove.  As expected, some items were over budget, others under.  Overall, we are in good financial shape.

Miss  Jeanne  spoke on many topics, including upcoming events.  Please read colored upcoming events sheets.  They are posted at the Club House, swimming pools and your own association bulletin board.  Remember, tickets go on sale the day that the newspaper is available, which is usually the last week of the month.  She relayed a message from Judy regarding the exercise room.  Please update your personal information cards.  If something happens to you and there is not current and sufficient information, first responders  are at a loss and you could be in danger.

Michael Waunsch updated us on the physical state of the Cove.  Gates are working again and hopefully for a long time to come.  The speakers around the pool are working.  After the meeting he showed me the newest  improvement to the pool area.  For years volunteers have come to the pool area to water the plants.  We now have an automated watering system to handle that task.  Thank you to all the dedicated people who spent their time making the main pool area a better place to visit.  There is a new cleaning agency on board.  If you see anything that needs attention,  fill out a work order at the club house for Michael.  He will handle it.  Do not tell him in person.  He is very busy and could easily forget.

The Board discussed social clubs and monetary accounts for them.  We encourage the existence of clubs such as computer, card players, etc.  If you collect dues and want to use them for special events like lunches or buying supplies for your particular group, that is fine.  But, if you stage an event and charge a fee while using Cinnamon Cove facilities, that becomes part of the Recreation Dept.  Fees will be collected and deposited in the proper bank accounts and expenses paid for you from same account.  If you desire an accounting of these funds, Jeanne will accommodate you, but please give her ample notice.  This is necessary because proper financial accountability and adequate insurance coverage for activities are responsibilities of the Master Association.

We are organizing a Violations Committee.  The purpose of this committee will be to finally make residents responsible for their actions.  Residents include owners, guests and renters.  We will update you as we proceed.  The committee consists of 3 people and 3 have already signed up.  If you would like to be on the delegate list in case of openings, please let me know.

The 2 mailings for the upcoming annual meeting went out on time, thanks to the CC army of volunteers.   Thank you to all of them.  If you would please return the proxy form to the office in the return envelope, it will help speed up the process.  Otherwise, bring them to the meeting which is 2/18/19.  Registration at 9 am, meeting at 10 am.

On Saturday, 1/26/19, Jeanne organized a car show.  Despite the weather, it was well attended.  Plus, we served hot dogs, chips and soda.  A good time had by all.  Looking forward to the next one.  Thank you, Jeanne. 

Finally, a word about volunteers.  Folks, without volunteers performing the multiple tasks at CC, we would either have nothing happening or our HOAs would be much higher.  So, when you come to the office or an event, think about that.  Smile and say thank you.  I know that most of you already do this, but we need to keep letting them know that we really appreciate them. 

Remember, keep smiling.  Bill

William J Durkee, CPA, CCMA Pres.



Master Board Recap 11-20-18

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Meeting went well today. Thank you, board members, for your time.

Eugene Melander and John Baretela have both resigned from the board. Thank you both for your time and efforts.  Gene’s replacement is Jim Drake, building 9.  John’s replacement will be decided soon.

A round of applause was given to Jeanne and Michael for all that they do.  Thank them when you see them.

The attendees also showed appreciation for the work by Nancy and her committees on the pool furniture and landscaping.

I mentioned the lake erosion problem but we can’t do much until we hire a water management engineer.

Several people had written to me via email with concerns regarding the aquatic exercise program.  It was not discussed today because I am waiting for a legal opinion from our attorney.  Some of the concerns are in the process of correction.  Those are contracts, insurance and health safety issues.   The legal question was the limitation of residents’ use of the pool during the paid program.  The whole issue will be influenced by the awaited opinion.

Mickie LeBlanc presented the Treasurer’s report, which shows favorable results for the year.  She also explained the $5 per month increase in the HOA fee and why.  Repairs, maintenance and reserves were the major concerns.  Mickie also presented the 2019 budget, which was passed.  This budget will be mailed to you soon.

Based on Mickie‘s opinion and suggestion, the Executive Board agreed to a professional review of our reserve accounts. This will happen in 2019 and the information will be available for use in determining the 2020 budget.

Jeanne presented us with the December 2019 activity, which should appear on your bulletin boards soon. Jeanne and Marley have started the “Adopt A Family” project.  Their needs are simple: box springs for a twin bed, 2 dressers and nonperishable items.  If you don’t like to shop, give them cash and they will shop.  Be generous, my friends and share the good times.

Michael told us what he did all summer.  Boy, was he busy.  If it needs attention, he is there.  If you see a problem or concern, please fill out a work order.  That is the only way to get things done promptly and properly.  Michael has a wish list of things he would like residents to do, and, maybe we will pass the entire list on.  But, for now, the short list:  Do not touch the pool heater thermostats, shower before you enter the pools and hot tub and try to remember to put your pool chairs back.  Also, if you get to the pools early and the water is cool, there is a reason.  The heaters cannot operate at night during cold weather or they will seize up.  I don’t understand either, but if he says it, it must be true.

Jeanne spoke about the security gates and is waiting for a contract.  The major concerns for Jeanne and Michael are:  1} people trying to enter without passes or identification; If they are your guests, you are responsible.  2} Bicyclists and pedestrians following cars through gates.  Folks, this is dangerous.  Use your key to access the small gate off to the side.  If you don’t own one, buy one at the office.

Transponders:  If you have a problem with your transponder, the new email address is:

Thank you to Diane Swan and Scott Ritchhart for decorating the Boulevard.  Santa’s sleigh should be arriving soon.

Mickie LeBlanc handles the job of getting my letter to you.  Thank you, Mickie.  But, some people are not getting them.  Please enter the following address in your email contact list:  If you get this, please tell your friends to take action.  Also, tell them to sign up for the email list,  by using the email given in this paragraph or by telling the office staff, Mickie, me, or your master board rep, giving them your email address.

Lastly, Carolyn Kern is hosting a decorating party of Saturday, 11/24/18, at 10am.  She needs volunteers to decorate the clubhouse. Your reward will be the beautiful room to share with the rest of the Cove. Please join us.  Pat and I will be there.

Please have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remain healthy.


William J Durkee, CPA

Master Board Meeting Recap 4/16/18

posted Apr 16, 2018, 1:14 PM by Micheline LeBlanc

President’s Report:

·       Jeanne Hopkins’ new title is Community Administrator

·       Working with Securitas on issues with Security Personnel

·       Please watch your speed in the Cove

·       Working on the vegetation along Summerlin Road

Treasurer’s Report:

·       Operating $150,000   Reserves $600,000    Total $750,000

Community Administrator:

·       Working with Securitas on issues with Security Personnel

·       Switching to Comcast for cheaper and faster service

Maintenance Report:

·       Completed shuffleboard storage and landscape lighting

·       Summer project list ready

·       Hurricane Preparedness: 

o   Move your outdoor items inside before you leave

o   Empty your refrigerator and turn it off

o   Hurricane Preparedness meeting May 18, Friday at 2:30

Management Report:  Not available at this time

New Business:

·       Maintenance contract prorated from April 1 to December 31, 2018.

Old Business:

·       Clubhouse to be painted this summer

·       Clubhouse and Spinnaker pools to have new pavers this summer

 Chris Carmichael
Secretary for the Master Board

March 2018 Update

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From Chris Carmichael, Master Board Secretary

Master Board Meeting March 19, 2018 RECAP

Thank you to all that took the time to attend the Master Board meeting with the new board.

President’s Report:

Front Gate Security issues please contact Steve Lindberg or John Colombo.

Treasurer’s Report:

January Financials look good.  We’re in good shape.

Looking into the life expectancy of Master Board’s responsibilities to see if we need to update any funding issues.  (i.e. roads, pools, clubhouse, etc.

Recreation Report:

Please help by finding someone in your association that is here year round to check on others that are also here year round.  Let Jeanne know who can help from your association.

Aqua classes will finish the month with Paula’s people coming to fill the class.  These people are invited by her and will pay more than residents.

Maintenance Report:

Many projects completed.  Always more to do!

Pool temperature changes when it’s cooler at night and takes time to warm back up.  PLEASE use the shower before entering the pool.

New Business:

Irrigation well meters to be replaced and new lighting for the parking lot.

Association dumpsters are NOT for everyone’s use including any contractors that do work for you.  Contractors are to take their debris with them.  Please respect your neighboring associations.

Summerlin Property Line Landscaping:  Sea grapes are being planted.  The ditch needs to be cleared to get the water to go down. 

Single Family 1 bank erosion is being addressed by them since their property is considered private property.  The FL Dept. of EPA considers the rip rap a nonpermanent structure and is allowed.

Old Business:

Rebidding pool surfaces and painting of clubhouse.  Need to look into sealcoating the roads.

Please obey the speed limit in Cinnamon Cove and remind others.

February 2018 Update

posted Feb 23, 2018, 10:55 AM by Micheline LeBlanc   [ updated Feb 23, 2018, 2:51 PM ]

Master Board Report of Accomplishments/Decisions Made

·      All rewritten documents January 2017 and January 2018

o   Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

o   Articles of Incorporation

o   By Laws

o   Rules and Regulations

o   Association Policies and Procedures

·      Hired Maintenance supervisor/pool technician

o   Ongoing updates with a Preventive Maintenance Schedule

·      New Access Control Personnel (Welcome Center)

·      New gate entry system (transponders)

·      Accommodated an active community by lining the courts for pickleball

·      Two pool decks repaved…two more to go

·      Road paving on schedule…all roads have been repaved in past six years.

o   Sealing and further upkeep on schedule

·      Clubhouse improvements

o   Benches at front entrance

o   New landscaping at entrance

o   New sconce lighting at front and rear of building

o   Wall installed in Room B to create more storage area

o   Installed new divider between Rooms A and B

·      Clubhouse lighting and fans

o   New fans and dimmable LED lights over card table area

o   LED lights in main room and restrooms

o   LED lights on staircases leading to balcony

·      Pavilion

o   New ceiling fans

o   New dimmable LED lights

o   Paint inside

·      Pool pump room

o   Paint outside

·      Satellite Pools

o   New ceiling fans

o   Paint each building

·      Signs

o   New street signs and several new Stop and speed limit signs.  Alligator warning signs at the lake shores.

·      Landscaping

o   At front entrance and along CC Blvd.   The landscape group is very

o   conscientious about maintaining the look and upkeep of this inviting feature.

·      Communication

o   470 recipients on email list who get periodic notification of the goings on in The Cove. 

o   Appreciation has been overwhelming

o   Cinnamon Cove Clubhouse Facebook page with over 450 friends in the closed group

The members of this board, and those who left the board over the past four years, undertook and accomplished a great deal.  I am truly grateful for your service to our community.  We are leaving Cinnamon Cove in good order. 

January 2018 Update

posted Jan 15, 2018, 7:32 PM by Micheline LeBlanc

Hello Master Board Friends,


What a wonderful turnout of around 150 residents for the January meeting of the master board.  As was mentioned in the pre-meeting note, several topics were covered and some were voted on so as to expedite items that needed immediate attention. 


The newly rewritten Rules and Regulations passed with a unanimous vote.  This is the culmination of several months of effort to bring up to date this document which has not been updated in countless years. 


That being said, you will be receiving a packet containing this document along with several other pages of great importance.  The most important is a proxy page that is vital for you to vote on four items, sign and return in the enclosed envelope.  The board recommends you vote yes on these. 


Remember also, the February meeting is the Members Annual Meeting.  If a quorum is not met, a meeting cannot be held, new board members cannot be seated and officers cannot be elected.  Please vote, sign and return.


Speaking of receiving, you can pick up your packet on Thursday, January 18 in the clubhouse anywhere between 1 and 4 pm.  This will save it going in the mail (save money on postage) and you can get it sooner.  This system worked very well last year, so we are doing it again.


Question…can you pick-up a packet for a neighbor?  Yes, you can.  Just bring the ID of that person and you will be allowed to do that for them. 


Business of the day….

            Voted on and approved…purchase of new benches for the clubhouse entry, new trash and recycle containers for the main pool and satellite pools, storage units for shuffleboard equipment.  Also, new doors for the clubhouse dumpster were approved.


PLEASE NOTE….It was stated that Michael Waunsch, Maintenance Supervisor is to oversee all maintenance vendors who come into The Cove.  This is ONLY for those vendors who are working on Master Association property.  This does not apply to anyone you may have working on your individual home.  Nor does it apply for individual associations that may have vendors working.  Sorry for the confusion. 


Don’t forget….pick-up your packet on Thursday at the clubhouse anywhere from 1 to 4 pm.  Please help save some postage money.  Very important….vote on proxy, sign and return mail

Thanks for being so supportive of this board for the past four years.  Board members volunteer many hours in service to our community and it’s greatly appreciated when the support is so outstanding. 


Tony Medley

Master Board

December 2017 Update

posted Dec 20, 2017, 9:45 AM by Micheline LeBlanc

Hello Cinnamon Cove Friends,

      Around 75 folks attended the last Master Board meeting of 2017 this pastMonday.  As always, a number of topics were covered with some being voted on and others left to discussion and planning for the future. 

       The number one most important item on the agenda was the new Rules and Regulations document.  This is a total upgrade for this important piece.  Four board members reviewed and read this document at least seven times making revisions as necessary.  It is now in its final stage.  Of course, the board wants you to take a look at it and offer any thoughts prior to the board’s voting on its approval at the January 15 meeting.

       A copy of The Rules and Regulations is attached to this email.  A copy of this will also be on the web site.  There will also be a few copies in the office for you to sign out to read if you prefer that method. 

Please take time to check it out and if you are so inclined, you can come and meet with those of us who worked on it to discuss any thoughts you have.  I don’t have a time right now, but will let you know when that date is set. 

If you are not in The Cove and would like to make a comment, please write a separate email rather that responding to this one as responses often get buried in these multi-addressed emails.  This will help us keep things straight. 
Here is a rundown of other highlights:

·      The fence along Caraway Lane is the responsibility of Villas III.  John Baretela informed the board that the Villas III Board is working on this with great haste knowing it could take until early summer for it to be replaced.  Villas III Board is set to meet on January 8 to further discuss options.

·      Attached to this email is an informative insurance breakdown as to the responsibilities of the association and the owner in an association after a storm or damage.

·      The board approved a motion to pay $5,956 for calibration of 26 water system flow meters.  This is an every five year task.  The board felt it should bear the cost since this ground water/irrigation benefits everyone. 

·      The board also approved a purchase/upgrade of a new sound control panel for the sound booth at a cost of $1,986.96.  John Kern explained the need for this new piece and the benefits for all those who use the sound equipment.

·      Two bids for painting the clubhouse exterior have been received.  This was in discussion and will be further reviewed at a near future meeting.

·      Some discussion ensued about a fountain in the middle lake.  A bid of $9,045 covers the fountain and the installation.  It does not cover the electric that would have to be installed for it nor the maintenance for it.  A suggestion was made for this topic to be held until the February General Meeting when residents can openly express their thoughts.

·      Four new tables for the pool deck will be purchased.  This will be handled by Amanda Williams, CAM.

·      The board approved $1,500 to purchase two covers to replace the existing ones at the tennis/pickleball courts.  These structures are exactly like what is currently there.  CC Michael will be heading up this project and will need some willing volunteers to assemble and erect. 

·      We received bids to clean furniture, but it looks like most of that work has been done by residents.  Of course, you know that the main pool furniture was cleaned in the fall, and Caravel pool was recently done by some folks in Building 12.  It looks like those who use Bay Leaf are on top of that pool and a couple of folks have said they will take care of Spinnaker.  If you are a user of any of these pools, and you see someone cleaning, please volunteer to help.  We’re all in this together. 

·         Lastly, the board approved the purchase of lighting for the two wingwalls on CC Boulevard, a lighted fountain for the pond and three lights for the trees at the entrance to the clubhouse.  The motion was to pay no more than $500.

Jeanne Hopkins reported a great success with the Adopt-A-Family program.

We helped two very needy families completely furnish and decorate two homes.  And, thanks to your generosity, each family received food for the cupboard and gifts for Christmas.  It’s a wonderful thing we do as a community.

Also, Jeanne informed us that we now have a source who will take donations for needy folks and not just at Christmas.  If you have items, please DO NOT just drop them off at the clubhouse, call Jeanne and let her know and she can give you direction for this. 

Also, owners who rent unit or units…if you have a renter who returns year after year, please let your renter know all they have to do to get their transponder activated is call Jeanne and give her the lease dates and she will activate the transponder.  Easy as that. 

Recreational Office hours for the holidays…closed Friday, December 22 and Monday, December 25.  Closed Monday, January 1

Our wish is for each of you and your families to have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and wonderful New Year. 

Tony Medley
Master Board

November 2017 Update

posted Nov 14, 2017, 3:56 PM by Micheline LeBlanc

Hello Cinnamon Cove Friends,

            Monday’s Master Board meeting covered a variety of topics, discussed/voted on and not voted on.  About 80 residents attended. 


·         Landscaping…the new crew is getting adjusted to the property and is working with the landscaping committee to further enhance our property.

·         After two residents expressed concern regarding aqua classes and what constitutes being able to conduct a sanctioned (by the board) class, it was restated that (and this was voted on in the October 2017 board meeting), “The Master Board insurance company covers residents who volunteer for programs approved by the Master Board.  The Master Board has determined any organized exercise activities must have a certified instructor due to the potential risk of injury and for safety.”

·         Because the hurricane preparation for Irma was quite successful, we would like to see this preparation list expanded to cover all areas of The Cove to protect our residents and property.  Therefore, a Hurricane Prep brainstorming session is set for Friday, November 17 at 1 pm in the pavilion.  Please plan to attend with your thoughts in mind.

·         Don’t forget to contact Ray Heuring at 315-753-2058 to get your tickets for the Twins/Blue Jays game set for Friday, March 2.

·         Recreation Director, Jeanne Hopkins, reports we have adopted two families for our annual giving.  She also reminded us of the Holiday Program that will take place on Thursday, December 14 at 2 pm.  Cost of admission…1 canned good.  It’s free, but please let the office know if you are coming.  It’s not too late to join the chorus.  Practice…Tuesdays at 3 pm. 

·         As for maintenance….contract has been accepted to erect the downed light pole at the shuffleboard courts.  The roof and soffits at the clubhouse will soon be repaired of the hurricane damage.  Michael continues to stay on top of his daily duties and is continually in the process of finding, repairing, fixing and making good.  As he reported, one of his goals is to get all areas compliant with codes and standards of the county and state. 

New Business...

·         The board discussed and ultimately rejected the idea of another level of entry security with a “drop down bar.”   It was determined that we have very few security breaches to warrant this expense. 

·         The two back gates have been inoperable for the past few weeks because the motors are completely worn out.  Thus, two new motors were ordered and are scheduled to be installed this week.

·         And, along the same lines, the board voted to enter a maintenance contract with MLR gate company for quarterly inspections on the gates to keep them in good working order.

Old Business

·         The Annual Budget was approved and will be in the mail to you in the next couple of days. 

·         Nancy Monahan is heading up a small group to advise on purchasing new pool furniture.  The process will involve deciding on a style and then determining how many pieces need to be replaced and then get on a long-range schedule to do that. 

·         Before the meeting began Elena DeFonzo proposed replacing one of the bubblers in the main lake with a fountain.  She thinks this would add a very pleasing aspect to the clubhouse area.  Amanda Williams, CAM, is advising Elena on the cost of this.  More to follow.

·         On the topic of Sun Covers for the courts….no money has been budgeted for the courts area for several years for this replacement.  Therefore, currently, there just isn’t any money for that project.  It’s going to be up to maintenance to do a repair job on the now-existing structure. 

·         The last leg in the adoption of new documents is now underway.  The Rules and Regulations are in review process and will be, if all goes well, voted on and approved in the next two months.  This has been one of our goals since day one…to have all new rewritten and adopted documents.  More to follow. 

One last thing….

After four years at the helm of the board, four officers have decided it’s time to move on and give new board members, along with the existing board, a chance to bring fresh and new ideas to Cinnamon Cove.  With that, Marvin Berk, Vice-President; Mike Richard, Treasurer; Carolyn Kern, Member-At-Large, along with me will end our term at the Annual Meeting in February. 

If you have thought about being on the board, now is the time to step up.  Forms will be in the mail shortly.   

            Sure hope you have a special Thanksgiving wherever you are.  Travel safely.


Tony Medley

Master Board

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