CCMA Committees

There are currently eight Cinnamon Cove Master Association (CCMA) Advisory Committees. They are made up of volunteer community members and meet regularly.  All meetings are open to the public and agendas are posted at the clubhouse. Most meeting dates and times are posted on the online calendar. Below is a description of each committee's role. For more information, questions, concerns, and/or comments, please contact your CCMA representative.


 Submit recommendations to the Master Board (MB) for buildings/grounds/facilities concerns and needs for maintenance and upgrade in common areas. 

 Engage Community Association Manager (CAM)  to procure vendors to bid on projects determined by the CCMA; MB members can suggest certain vendors to CAM who have served their individual Associations well. Include initial and ongoing costs of project. 

 Help to review, evaluate bids/contracts and evaluate progress of ongoing projects. 

 Assist in the development of goals and priorities for the Building/Grounds/Facilities department 


 Inform community of events, meetings, programs through various means (website, FB, emails, newsletter, bulletin boards). Include summary of costs. 

 Provide ideas as to how to best communicate information to residents 

 Receive comments for proposed edits to CCMA Board Members handbook and discuss with MB to determine appropriate changes; arrange for yearly review of the handbook 

 Develop responsibilities and protocol for Communications Director position to recommend to the MB 

 Utilize the CC website as the official source for all CC information 


 Meet at least once a month prior to MB meetings from October to April and during the summer to prepare the next year’s budget 

 Ensure financial decisions reflect the annual budget and reserves 

 Advise the MB on contracts and/or expenditures 

 Review monthly expenditures/financials 

 Look for solid ways to control costs 


 Oversee the services of the lakes management company 

 Review bids/contracts for lake management. 

 Make recommendations to the MB regarding lakes management 


 Oversee the “look and feel” and sustainability of landscaping in CC 

 Solicit community input for landscaping ideas 

 Provide feedback and updates on quality of landscaping services 

 Help to review and evaluate bids/contracts. Include initial and annual maintenance costs for any new or materially modified landscaping. 

 Make landscaping recommendations to the MB including annual maintenance costs for any new or materially modified landscaping. 

Personnel - CCMA representatives only

 All members of this committee are to be current MB members. 

 Meet as needed 

 Provide guidance and support to staff 

 Review and suggest modifications to job descriptions 

 Review compensation of staff 

 Review staff/staffing needs and make personnel recommendations to MB 

 Develop, review and recommend personnel policies and procedures to MB 

 Ensure that staff has adequate resources 

 Conduct process for hiring/replacement of personnel 

 Manage personnel issues if they arise 

 Periodically discuss employee’s performance with his/her assigned supervisor 

 Conduct annual performance and compensation review in collaboration with MB supervisor 

 Understand that the business of this committee is confidential and not to share conversations with others 


 Assist the Recreation and Social Activities Director with ideas to develop new activities and maintain ongoing ones 

 Develop short and long-term goals and make recommendations to MB. Include initial and ongoing costs of projects for new ideas and activities such as entertainment in the Clubhouse. 

 Solicit new ideas for recreation and social activities from the CC community 

 Assist in the development of goals for the Recreation Department 

 Assist in recruiting volunteers to support the recreation/social activities department 

Safety and Security 

 Discuss/evaluate level of safety and security within CC and provide updates to MB 

 Offer suggestions for safety/security measures within CC 

 Oversee effectiveness of Welcome Center staff, front/rear gate, transponders